My Blogs through Trend Micro :

Publish Date Title
2020-08-13 XCSSET Mac Malware: Infects Xcode Projects, Uses 0Days
2020-09-04 XCSSET Update: Browser Debug Modes, Inactive Ransomware
2021-06-03 CVE-2021-30724: CVMServer Vulnerability in macOS and iOS
2021-07-22 Updated XCSSET Malware Targets Telegram, Other Apps
2021-09-15 Analyzing The ForcedEntry Zero-Click iPhone Exploit Used By Pegasus
2022-01-14 Analyzing an Old Bug and Discovering CVE-2021-30995
2022-04-04 MacOS SUHelper Root Privilege Escalation Vulnerability: A Deep Dive Into CVE-2022-22639
2022-11-11 CVE-2019-8561: A Hard-to-Banish PackageKit Framework Vulnerability in macOS
2022-12-20 Diving into an Old Exploit Chain and Discovering 3 new SIP-Bypass Vulnerabilities
2022-12-21 A Technical Analysis of CVE-2022-22583 and CVE-2022-32800